Dinosaur for kids indication of more intelligence

Does your child love the dinosaurs? It is related to their high level of cognitive skills.

Not only George – Peppa Pig´s brother – is fascinated about the dinosaurs, lots of children dream with those prehistoric animals and know a lot about them. The toys for smart kids will increase the potential of kids.


The findings of those children are cleverer when they are older.

According to some findings, that love for the dinosaurs is a signal the child will be more intelligent than most of the people. Here you can see why and you’ll find the best toys for smart kids in our store.

The dinosaur as favorite toy – Toys for smart kids

An important aspect to determine the intellectual capacity that a person will have during the adult life is the favorite toy during the childhood. The seven first years of a person will determine the rest of the life, as most of the psychologist point.

Our learning during those first seven years are the abilities and conducts that, one way or the other, will go with us during the rest of our life. That is why the parents should worry about a creative and educative environment, that allow the children to develop their abilities to the maximum.

Recently, there was an article published in Science Direct, where they researched during years about toys and preferred games by a group of children. And the study continue when they were older and researching about their jobs and finances, as well as their economic situation.

That study conclusions were that the favorite toy of your children can influence their level of intelligence when they grow up. In fact, the children who had dinosaurs as their favorite toy tend to have higher intelligence level when they are adults.


What is this for? The capabilities to search, explore and understand

When your child plays with dinosaurs needs to imagine different situations where those prehistoric big animals can exist. They need to know and understand where the dinosaurs lived, what they ate and how they were interacting, the different kind of dinosaurs, their characteristics, etc.

While the children who prefer to play with common toys, like the ones from cartoons with all the information from the TV, the children who play with dinosaurs require develop their capacity to explore and understand  the information that is not at hand.

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