Robot Dinosaur Toys – Our 10 Best of 2021

The dinosaurs are in extinction (not all of them), although they are always on trend… Regardless the fact that will be very rare to find one, now you can have your own robot dinosaur toys as your puppy.

Robot Dinosaur Toys

A carnivorous runner or a quiet shrubbery eater, the dinosaurs are always alive in the books, movies and the most important, in our imagination and our children’s. The good news are today’s dinosaur toys are more sophisticated and better than ever.

From futuristic RoboRaptors that can walk, run or hide controlled by a remote to metal monsters to build from zero and you can leave freely in your living room. All of them offer something different to every child.

The robot dinosaurs toys are thought to stimulate your children’s imagination and to teach some other abilities related to different fields (such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Please be aware they might crash against everything they find on their way.

Discover the new and exclusive different robo alive dinosaur models that arrive every season. On this occasion, we will try to focus on some of the most popular ones.


1.- Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur toy Intelligent

This dino robot is probably the best dino bot toy of this year, a remote control toy which is also a rocket launcher.

It is an intelligent dino robot with remote control that moves the tail and the head as well as open/close the mouth. This dinosaur has a rechargeable battery, with contact sensor and efficient sounds to make a very enjoyable time to the children of the family. If you want to surprise with a unique present, this toy is one of the best options you will find in the market.


2.- BEESTECH LED Walking Robot Dinosaur Toy

This is an incredible toy for the smallest in the family because offers different play modes. The dinosaur has different sounds, lights (even can roar) and walk, so your child can play in a traditional way. Also the dinosaur counts with the necessary tools to unbuilt the dinosaur in 16 pieces and build it back with their own hands; it will stimulate your child and the length of use can be longer than with other toys.

The perfect age to have this dinosaur is between 4 and 6 years.


3.- Dinonano STEM Robot Toys for Kids

Your DIY robot is a green, solar powered, environmentally-friendly toy. No batteries needed. Kids can learn the importance of environmental protection using solar energy. It works well in Direct-Sun and 50-watt halogen indoor light.

Helps children improve hand-eye coordination and STEM training. Creates a solid foundation and develop a love in Science, Technology, Engineering, Crafts, and Robot knowledge. It is portable, and fun for outdoors and indoors.


4.- Click N’ Play Remote Control Dinosaur Robot Highly Intelligent Fire Breathing

This is a very special dinosaur able to breath fake fire. That fire is made with vapour that goes out through the mouth and has red lights that makes the vapour looks fire. Certainly this is a unique dinosaur that can sing, dance, shoot arrows, make math puzzles or probe your knowledge. You can program the moves you want him to make.


5.- BOTZEES GO! Dinosaur Robots for Kids, Building & Electric Remote Control Toy.

Is it something more interesting than build your own dinosaurs? This is a kit for your little one to build their own dinosaurs, they can decide the appearance and control their activity through a control remote.

This electronic stem toy provides your children the resources needed to develop motor skills, build logic, introduce color and object recognition while developing creativity and imagination.

The app has easy-to-follow instructions thato teach kids how to build cleverly pre-designed dinosaurs that include, or they can create their own, there are limitless possibilities


6.- Miposaur Robot Alive Dinosaur

Are you looking for the latest in technology? Miposaur Robot is your dinosaur.

With your hands movement, you can control this small dinosaur. It will follow you wherever you want as long as you ask him. It will be like a proper puppy and your children will develop a very special affection.

You order and he obey!


7.- Zoomer Dino bot toys

With a perfect equilibrium, this dinosaur will go crazy through your house from top to bottom, it will invite you to play and dance while you are unable to control him and it makes it very entertaining.

It comes with a remote in case you would like to add interaction, you will control the dino bot toys with the joystick and take it everywhere. Also, it has the ability to learn a few tricks. It will be able to learn a few orders too.

Open and close the mouth and ask for food as it was real.


8.- Sanlebi T Rex Robot Toy for Kids Building, Toy Set with Electric Drill Construction Engineering Play Kit

Your child can make this interactive dinosaur to growl, snore, yawn, and more! This intuitive little dinosaur combines the latest in robotic design with the cool factor of a T-Rex Robot Toy!

Make the dinosaur roam, stomp, and even spin in your home. The full function wireless remote ensures that the Robotosaur will follow your every command! You can even use hand gestures to control the dino!

Children of all ages will love the Hunting Mode which allows the robot dino to search for items. Also check out Guard Mode which will protect a kid’s room and sends out an alerts if an intruder (like a little sister!) decides to come in.


9.-Toysery Walking Dinosaur Toy for Kids – Mist Spray Robot Dinosaur Toys for Boys

Another option you can always be right is this dinosaur. In the dinosaur´s head, there is a small water tank to produce vapour to fake the letal red breath. Its neck and tail can shake, wings can swing, mouth can move and walk with simulative dinosaur roars.

This is a very complete toy that will bring lots of happiness to your child.


10.- Boley RC Dinosaur Robot

Boley RC Dinosaur Robot has 15 remote controlled features! This bot can dance, tell stories, play music, flash lights, move in any direction, and give a mighty roar with mist spraying action!



We have collated a few interesting pieces of advise to ensure you choose the right dinosaur for you.

Firstly, it is critical you take into account that the aim of these toys is to be educational but also, it will help to develop your children’s imagination, improve their motor skills and introduce them into the technology world with a very funny vision.

We always advise you to take into account the age. For children between 1 and 3 years, it is best to choose toys with a childish appearance, big pieces, bright colours and interactive simple activities such as music or LED lights that can catch their attention. Children between 3 and 7, can play with more advanced dino robots with big pieces and they will have lots of fun building their own toys and playing with their friends, cousins or siblings. Robots from favourite moves are a perfect option for those children to have an amazing time.

On the other side, for children over 7 years, you can choose a more complex robot, with more smaller blocks. They can even include basic robotic information and programming for the science lovers. The little ones of the family can start walking towards technology skills while they have fun and create unique dinosaurs.

Advice for the use of the robot dinosaur toys

As advised before, it is very important to take into account the child’s age. It is also very important to have adult supervision in the case of the youngest ones to ensure the robots include big pieces and there is no risk for the children.

It is important to go with your children in the learning process, specially if we want them to develop an interest for the robotics or technology. If they get upset while they build the robot, it is possible they quit. They can assume that science is very complex, it is boring and it is not for them.

If you help them with their robots and go with them through the learning process, they will feel more capable and self-confident. That will encourage them to keep learning and playing, while understanding that science and technology are fun.

Regarding the toys that can move, have wheels and remote control, we can always supervise their use, specially at the beginning to avoid any accident. It is very important to help them to play with responsibility alone or with their friends or siblings. They will benefit of every single positive interaction and they can improve their motor and cognitive skills in a very secure way.