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The Land Before Time: The Great Valley Adventure Price:  $11.97 (as of 03/31/2023 23:41 PST- Details)

Universal Studios Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

Everybody’s favorite prehistoric pals are back! Join Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie in this delightful, all-new, feature-length movie. It’s an exciting treat, filled with original songs, brilliant animation, and the beloved dinosaurs from the family classic, The Land Before Time. The enchanting tale continues in the beautiful, peaceful Great Valley where Littlefoot and his plant-eating friends live and play under the watchful eyes of their parents. But when mischievous Cera coaxes the group into the forbidden “Mysterious Beyond”, they soon find themselves in big trouble! The excitement begins when they encounter two egg-snatching struthiomimuses named Ozzie and Strut, a thundering landslide, a pair of ferocious Sharpteeth, and most amazing of all, a mysterious egg that’s just about to hatch! In the course of their surprising adventure, Littlefoot and company learn just how hard it is to be a grown up – and how nice it is to be a kid! – in this captivating story of hope, love and trust.

Bonus Content:

  • How Do I Find Things?
  • Tree Star Hunt Game
  • Rock Toss Game
  • I Can Put This In My Computer?
  • “You Are One of Us Now” Sing-Along Song
  • The Stars of The Land Before Time: The Great Valley Adventure
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