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BUILD ME Plush Dinosaur Stuffed Animal Set of 4 Soft Dinosaurs, 12″ Stuffed Dinosaur Set Includes T-Rex Brachiosaurus Stegosaurus and Triceratops Toys for Boys Price: $33.99 (as of 04/03/2023 00:19 PST- Details)

CUTE STUFFED DINOSAURS: These plush dinosaur stuffed animals feature shiny, colorful scales and come in four different species, perfect for kids of all ages.
SOFT AND CUDDLY: Made with felt and plush fabric, these stuffed dinosaurs are soft and squeezable, making them ideal cuddle buddies day and night.
SAFE AND STURDY: These 8″H x 12″L stuffed dinosaurs are sturdy enough to stand on their own but are flexible and safe for younger children to play with.

Celebrate Dinosaurs with 4 Plush Dinosaur Toys

Your budding paleontologist will love learning about dinosaurs while cuddling and playing with the best-known and most popular dinosaurs. Each 8″ high x 12” long dinosaur can be spot washed and/or hand-washed. Soft and cuddly, these plush stuffed animals come in beautiful shiny colors that will attract your child and keep their attention. Safe for all ages and for both boys or girls.

The dinosaur toys set includes one stuffed dinosaur of each of the following:

Tyrannosaurus Rex – The T-Rex “Tyrant Lizard King” is one of the fiercest carnivores from the Cretaceous period.

Brachiosaurus – One of the largest dinosaurs during the late Jurrassic period, it could eat up to 800 pounds of plants per day.

Stegosaurus – A plant-eater with 17 large bony plates along its back and tail, the stegosaurus lived during the late Jurassic Period.

Triceratops – Also a plant-eating dinosaur from the Cretaceious period, the triceratops had fierce horns to help protect it from raptors and tyrannosaurus rexes while it was grazing.

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SHINY AND COLORFUL: Cute patterned fabric with shiny scales in different shades and hues make these soft dinosaur toys a joy to play with. Safe for older and younger children of all ages.
SOFT AND SQUEEZABLE: Made with felt and soft plush fabric, all four stuffed dinosaurs are fun to cuddle with day and night. Great dinosaur toys for boys and girls. These will quickly become a beloved lovie.
STURDY AND LOVEABLE: Each 8″H x 12”L dinosaur is sturdy enough to stand on its own, but flexible enough not to be a safety hazard for little ones. Good for hours and hours of pretend play.
ENOUGH TO GO AROUND: Each plush dinosaur is big enough to cuddle, but small enough to fit in little arms. Perfectly sized to share a pillow with at night.
ONE OF EACH DINOSAUR: The high-quality stuffed dinosaurs include a T-rex, brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, and triceratops in multi-color blue, green, red, and yellow colors. These will become a favorite!

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