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Never Touch the Dinosaurs Price: $1.33 (as of 04/10/2023 01:34 PST- Details)

You must never touch a dinosaur . . . unless it’s in this book! This roar-some touch-and-feel counting board book is great for children of all ages and fits perfectly into tiny hands. Kids will love learning to count down from five with the silly rhymes that warn the dangers of touching the dinosaurs–and then ignoring the advice!Children of all ages, 0 and up, will enjoy:The innovative and engaging silicone touch-and-feel features on every spreadThe bright and vibrant illustrationsThe silly and easy-to-read rhymes that involve counting down from five with fun dinosaursReceiving this fun book as a birthday gift, stocking stuffer, Easter basket goody, road trip activity, or just becauseParents and their little ones will enjoy reading aloud Never Touch the Dinosaurs again and again.If your child enjoys Never Touch the Dinosaurs, check out the rest of the Never Touch The… series Never Touch the Sharks, Never Touch the Monsters, and Never Touch the Bugs.


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