Dinosaur Inflatable Costume – Our 7 best of 2021

Dinosaur Inflatable Costume is the latest party trend and it’s hilarious! The costumes inflate as you’re inside them, increasing your size dramatically and transforming your character into a giant dinosaur.f

It makes a fun idea for a stag-do, birthday party, Halloween, or any other fancy dress party you’re attending!

Dinosaur Inflatable Costume & Fancy Dress for Kids and Adults

If you want something to impress like no other, a giant dinosaur blow-up costume is the way to go! We have an Inflatable Triceratops Costume or a ferocious T-rex. Get all of your friends involved to create a whole pack of carnivores!

Have fun picking your outfit and get party-ready with us!


1.- Rubie’s Adult Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume.

Great for the whole year; inflatable fun runs, parades, dinosaur and prehistoric themed events, school projects, themed parties, comic con, cosplay and of course Trick or Treat and Halloween too!.Lightweight tent-like material is designed with detailed and intricate patterns. This dinosaur fancy dress will make the day of the youngest in the family and the adults will have lots of fun in their company. It will cover the whole body but under the head, there is window to see how you scary are. But do not worry, because you will be able to breath as usual as the fancy dress includes a fan that will help to have fresh air inside. You will be able to run, jump or dance without any luck of fresh air. You might think is a bit claustrophobic but after trying a few minutes, you won’t want to take it off. There are different options available such as velociraptor or triceratops but T-Rex will ensure you are the heart of the party.

pteranodon Velociraptor Triceratops

2.- GOOSH Dinosaur Inflatable Costume for Kids, T-Rex Inflatable Costume.

If you are looking to ride on top of your favourite dinosaur, this is the fancy dress for you. I will cover you up to the weist and it will adjust well. Your child will achieve the effect of riding a dinosaur. It will be so much fun to ride, jump and dance on top of a scary T-Rex.

The materials are resistant, something important as your child will enjoy amazing adventures but keep reading, there are other amazing alternatives to this fancy dress. 

Alternativa 1 Alternativa 2

3.- Funny Costumes T Rex, Inflatable fancy dress Dinosaur, Halloween Costume

This Inflatable fancy dress is very characteristic because of the eye-catching colours and really good finish. It is a full body fancy dress, leaving only the head and the hands out. It will allow you to pick up things, talk and other stuff without massive effort. It is an amazing comfy dinosaur dress. 


4.- Spooktacular Creations Full Body Dinosaur Inflatable Costume – Child Unisex T-Rex Costume

This is one of my favourites designs. It is very funny to see your child within this particular dress. It won’t allow you to move as much because of the size of the inflatable fancy dress. That is also why this fancy dress is tremendously funny. The dinosaur head is disproportionate and therefore, it will move up and down. Under this huge head, you will see your child’s even bigger smile. This is a real win! 


5.- Decalare Adult/Kids Size Inflatable, T-REX Blow up Dinosaur Costume, Fancy Costumes.

If you are looking for a dinosaur with a more casual and informal appearance, this is the fancy dress for you. It does have a cup, sun glasses and with a very intense blue colour, it will be perfect for the birthday party of the youngest in the family as it does not produce fear and it looks like more another friend invited to the party. This inflatable dinosaur fancy dress will make your child the main character of the party, all their friends will try to play with them. 

Adult version

6.- Toy Story Kids Rex Inflatable Costume

Who doesn´t enjoy Rex in the movie Toy Story? Which child would like to wear the funny Rex skin? With this inflatable dinosaur fancy dress, your child will have the opportunity of being one of those alive toys. This is a well designed fancy dress that will allow your child to put it on and take it off easily, although we are sure he will love wearing it for a few hours. It has a small greenish window at the level of the dinosaur’s mouth. It may look like a claustrophobic fancy dress but it has a good ventilation. Enjoy the party! 


7.- TOLOCO Inflatable Dinosaur Costume for Adults or Kids, T-REX Costume, Halloween Blow Up Costume, Dinosaur Rider Costume.

Another good option would be this inflatable dino fancy dress with evil appearance. It does have a bright red colour, a tail with arrow shape and also a pair of horns. This is a versatile fancy dress that can also be used during Halloween. 



An adequate inflatable dinosaur fancy dress will make a difference for children or adults. You will have lots of fund and if adults and children get dressed as dinosaurs, the party will be very enjoyable and it will help you to build a great bond child-father. To have the best experience, there are a few things you have to take into account:


Firstly, check the type of fancy dress that will accomodate best our aim and to the child or adult who will wear it. There are three different sort of inflatable dinosaur fancy dress:

  1. Full body with small window to see the outside and a Blower Fan to allow the fancy dress being inflated at all times and have fresh air
  2. Full body fancy dress with head and hands outside
  3. Fancy dress to fake you are riding the dinosaur


A fancy dress isn’t something you will wear every day. However, the day we would like to use it, it would be great if it’s not breaking easily. Also, children are careless with their clothing and resistant materials are great for them.

Does it feel flimsy? Have others said that it rips easily? If so, keep looking. Your dinosaur costume will not hold up if it is not constructed of durable materials. In our experience, we should avoid hard plastic fancy dresses as we have seen those parts are more delicate. Purchasing an inflatable dinosaur costume that is breathable is a must. If you are going to wear this costume for a while, you want to be able to breathe well. It will make wearing the costume much safer and more enjoyable.

Ease of walking and seeing

Don’t go for a fancy dress that makes difficult to see or to walk. That could ruin the party. If your child wants to walk comfortably and to see perfectly without anyone else guiding their steps, will be funnier.


In our experience, you have to find the best size and it is even better if you have one more size so you have always more mobility.