Best Dinosaur Party for toddlers

Get ready the best Dinosaur Party ever.

We have a dinosaur at home, we didn’t know until one day he started making strong noises, showing his teeth and walking like the whole world was moving behind. I can say we have a small dinosaur at home, and although he is a naughty dinosaur, he has developed his own world of fantasy and makes us laugh. He moves his hands to fake a fight, he doesn’t want to remove his dinosaur pyjamas, he gets over excited with the dinosaur cartoons – YES, OUR SON LIKES DINOSAURS AND AT TIMES, HE BEHAVES LIKE ONE.

This year, he is about to turn three; the whole year has been sort of difficult due to the pandemic, children have been on their own and have not been able to play with other children as much, we have our mobility limited so there hasn’t been many opportunities to do something special… So we thought we are going to prepare a big Dinosaur party for him to remember, he is so grateful when we prepare something for him that it makes more sense than anything else in the world. As parents, you want him to enjoy his day – we aren’t celebrating as much as we grow older.


I would like to share with you how we are getting ready for his dinosaur party, in case it can be of any help for you too – we hope you enjoy!!

When I first started checking what was out there, it was sort of disorganised and I could get lots of information that I couldn’t really accomodate in my brain – What a small brain for a big mama dinosaur!!!!

I could see lots of different products and different ideas according to budget – dinosaur fancy dresses, dinosaur balloons, dinosaur banner, dinosaur birthday candles, even a dinosaur pinata. This Dinosaur party is going to be THE BEST. Again, it all depends on how much we would like to spend and we can adapt our shopping bag to our budget (maybe instead of dinosaur glasses we can use dinosaur straws and usual white glasses). How would you like to prepare your party? What would you include? This is just amazing!

Decoration in a themed party is the most important for a Dinosaur Party

First of all, I decided to check the balloons – there is an amazing range of them: we finally agreed on a few dinosaur shaped balloons to be filled with helium so they could be visible to everyone and a few green usual balloons on the floor: children loves playing with them, throwing them to each other, jump on them, try to pop them and it gives strong positive vibes to the Dinosaur party.

A Dinosaur party wouldn’t be a proper party if we are missing the bubbles – toddlers love them, they are all the time jumping around, popping them, and it creates a fun atmosphere – therefore, we bought a bubbles toy dinosaur that is constantly going to throw bubbles into the air.

Put attention to all the details to get the funniest atmosfer

We were trying to decide whether we would like to put a topper in the cake as he was turning three, or three candles to make a wish. We finally decided to buy the dinosaur birthday candles and there are plenty options to decide but we went for the cute ones, as he is still little.

Something I learnt while I was searching for dinosaur party supplies, was that the dinosaurs aren’t only for boys, there are plenty options for girls too and if I were little again, I would like to have so many of them. Who knows? I may encourage myself to prepare a dino party too – Do you feel the vibe? I don’t think there are as many things now as when I was a child, this is awesome!

What do you think it should go next? I thought we missed to buy the dinosaur party banner – I had to check something special for the birthday boy. And a photoshoot photo background with lots of cute dinosaurs – we are preparing the party but we would like to have something to look at in the long term. In the end, we decided to buy a banner with a few artificial palm leaves and honeycomb balls to create harmony.

A proper Dinosaur party cannot miss the appropriate cutlery – this is turning difficult because you can go with green, yellow cutlery and plates or we can go for amazing dinosaur design glasses and plates.

There are plenty options out there and again, budget is very important. We have been indoors for quite a while, so we will break the piggy bank on this occasion. We bought a green tablecloth to make it contrast with the balloons and bought colourful dinosaur plates and green glasses. The straws were a mixed white/green with small dinosaurs to be attached. We are planning to add the dinosaur cupcakes toppers on the sandwiches and the nibbles in general, so everyone could see dinosaurs everywhere. For the napkins we bought a mixed set of green and dinosaur designed napkins trying to be symmetric and finally, yellow cutlery to give a hint of a different colour. I’m pretty sure you also think on different combinations.

We look forward to sharing with you the pics of how our decorations went in the end. Stay tuned, more to come…

We hope you liked the post and we will be adding more entries with the activities to get ready for the Dinosaur party….